A society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 is set up to promote innovation and entrepreneurship by converting and translating technology ideas and innovation in various disciplines of science and engineering into products, processes and services for commercial exploitation and the benefit of society. 

This document contains policy and procedures related to Technology Business Incubation at Graphic Era University (GEU-TBI).
It covers the following processes

  1. Eligibility 
  2. Admission process 
  3. Intellectual Property 
  4. Seed Loan 
  5. Infrastructure 
  6. Common infrastructure
  7. Other services 
  8. Periodic assessment 
  9. Information submission 
  10. Consideration 
  11. Tenure in BI 
  12. Exit (Graduation) 
  13. Conflicts of interest 
  14. Disclaimer 
  15. Agreements


Admission to TBI-GEU is open to

i. Anyone and everyone who has an innovative business idea
ii. Students and alumni, working on a potential technology having commercial viability
iii. Host Institution's R&D partners (sponsors of R&D and consultancy projects)
iv. Host Institution partner universities (having R&D collaborations in place), and 
Government agencies associated with Host Institution research and innovations.

The proposals for business incubation must meet with one or more of the following parameters:

i. Proposals with Intellectual Properties (IP) generated with in GEU (HOST INSTITUTION) and transferred to the company for a consideration.
ii. Proposals with IP belonging to faculty, student or alumni (created outside HOST INSTITUTION).
iii.Proposals with potentials for strong identifiable involvement or interaction with Host Institution faculty with/without usage of Host Institution facilities.
iv. Proposals which will have social and strategic impacts.
v. Proposals with potential for large resource generation, impact value and visibility to Host Institution, GEU and incubation activities. 
1.2 Applicants must fulfill all the above criteria for making an admission in the GEU-TBI.
1.3 Applications for admission to GEU-TBI will be made in the name of registered unlisted companies within the meaning of the Companies Act, 1956. If a company has not been registered, an application may be made in the names of all promoters/ founders; however, the promoters/ founders must ensure that the company is registered within a period of three months from the date of approval of the application for admission in GEU-TBI.

Admission Process

At the opening level, applicants for admission in GEU-TBI will be required to submit a Pre-Application Questionnaire (PAQ), which can be availed from the GEU-TBI office or downloaded from its website. The PAQ will be scrutinized internally by the GEU-TBI team. While submitting PAQ, applicants will also disclose information on executive involvement of the promoters/ founders in other companies or commercial entities.

Based on the initial scrutiny of PAQ and affirmative assessment, applicants will be asked to submit a formal application for admission in GEU-TBI on the prescribed forma

                                                                                                   INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) can be a patent, software code, copyright, design registration, developed product, or alike. IP for incubation purpose will be assessed based on the following details: 
Whether any seed grant (from public or private sources) has been used in developing the technology which will go into the product(s) of the proposed company.
If yes, details of the understanding with the funding agency in terms of sharing of the IP. 
Whether any person other than the applicants has worked on the technology and if their work will be incorporated in the product(s). If yes, whether such other person has a right in IP ownership. 
If the IP is developed at HOST INSTITUTION, whether any HOST INSTITUTION infrastructure (hardware, testing setup, instrumentation, computing resources, processes) of the HOST INSTITUTION has been used in developing the technology that will go into the product(s). If the IP is developed at HOST INSTITUTION, whether any consultancy projects were executed in the proposed area. A statement from the owners/ innovators/ creators of IP to the effect that they are the owners/ innovators/ creators of IP as the case may be. 
Applicants, who are current faculty or students of HOST INSTITUTION, aspiring for incubation shall first approach HOST INSTITUTION for transfer of / licensing of/ permission to use IP in favour of prospective incubatee companies. They will initiate a letter to Dean R&D, HOST INSTITUTION and GEU requesting the transfer of HOST INSTITUTION IP in favour of a startup company in the Business Incubator intended to be promoted/ supported by the inventor.

Seed Loan

GEU may provide seed loan subject to the availability of funds/ grants/ schemes meant for this purpose. Seed loan will be sanctioned only to the registered companies and shall be based on merits of each company. Promoters/ founders whose companies are not registered at the time of application shall not be eligible to apply for seed loan until their companies are incorporated. Further, admission to GEUTBI shall not automatically entitle the companies to seed loan.

A company desirous of getting seed loan may submit an application for seed fund on admission in GEUTBI. Sanction of seed loan will be decided based on the eligibility criteria as decided by GEU. It would be also subject to the terms stipulated under specific grant or scheme as the case may be. Though seed loan may be sanctioned, disbursement shall be linked to the milestones. One of the criteria for approval of the seed loan will be to help the company reach a level of maturity in terms of product development or gotomarket stage. Preference will be given to companies with strong commitment and contribution from their promoters. GEU will have sole discretion to sanction or reject an application for seed loan and the decision of GEU in this regard shall be final. GEU is not bound to give any reason in case an application for seed loan is rejected.

GEUTBI Infrastructure

Upon admission to GEUTBI, the following infrastructural facilities will be offered to the incubate companies on an individual basis, apart from a set of shared/ common infrastructure.
Office space: Company specific 
Personal Computers up to five, depending on the team size Internet connection Two telephone lines one line through internal exchange for communication within GEU campus, and one external line.TBI will do the processing and acquire the lines. Each company will pay the rentals and bimonthly bills.


Besides, GEUTBI will facilitate the incubate companies to access departmental laboratories and other resources of HOST INSTITUTION for their products development purposes. Access to departmental resources is possible through Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre (IRCC) of HOST INSTITUTION and usage of such resources should be with permission of the concerned department to avoid conflict with departmental activities and objectives. Further usage of such resources shall be on commercial basis and in conformity with the policies of IRCC at HOST INSTITUTION for consultancy/sponsored projects prevailing from time to time. The consideration payable to IRCC for usage of departmental resources will generally be in the form of cash (payable by cheque or demand draft), though GEUTBI may recommend to IRCC for acceptance of consideration in the form of equity. However, decision as to whether to accept such consideration in form of equity will be solely rest with IRCC. Augmentation of resources in the department on account of such usage shall be the properties of the concerned department. 

Common infrastructure

Apart from company specific infrastructure as stated above, GEUTBI will provide certain facilities 
to be shared by all incubatee companies which would include 

File Server 
Fax machine 
Laser Printer 
Teleconferencing facilities 
Meeting/Conference room with projection equipment 
GEU Library facilities 
Pantry facilities 
Common secretarial pool/staff (depending on availability of such staff with TBI) 

Other Services

Apart from physical infrastructure as stated above, GEUTBI intends to create certain other supports and services which would include
Pool of mentors, experts in technology, legal, financial and related matters, with or without consideration, 
Organizing events to help companies in networking and showcasing their technologies, Meetings with visitors of HOST INSTITUTION (such as alumni, VCs, industry professionals). 
Incubatee companies can avail of the above support and services when offered by GEUTBI. 

Periodic assessment

GEUTBI will evaluate the performance of incubate companies periodically. Incubatee companies will submit information to GEUTBI on quarterly basis in a prescribed format. The companies may also be subject to an annual assessment by a committee comprising of external experts. A company which has taken seed loan will have to submit additional information as may be Demanded by GEUTBI. The undisbursed portion of the seed loan will be adjusted subject to the performance of the company. 

Information Submission

Incubatee companies will submit information to GEUTBI about all material changes or developments taking place in their companies from time to time. Such information could be change in name of the company, change in business or product profile, change in directors, promoters or shareholders, acquisition of a new office, additional equity or debt investments. GEUTBI may require incubatee companies to submit other information as it deems fit. Prior concurrence of GEUTBI should be obtained for effecting such changes.


The support and services provided by GEUTBI / HOST INSTITUTION, the incubatee companies will be subject to consideration on following accounts to the extent applicable: 

Monthly rent/ facilities charge at discounted rate for physical infrastructure to be paid to GEUTBI. Consideration in the form of equity and/or revenue sharing of the respective companies for transfer/ licensing of / permission to use IP in favour of the incubatee companies and the facilities provided by GEUTBI. The percentage of Equity and revenue sharing will be decided by GEUTBI and is to be given in favour of GEUTBI. GEUTBI may ask for additional equity from the companies to whom GEUTBI has supplied specialised equipments. 

Tenure in TBI

Companies will be permitted to stay in TBI, to begin with, for a period of 18 months. A nominal monthly charge will be levied to a company for the period of first 18 months. GEUTBI may, at its own discretion, permit companies to extend their stay for a maximum period of another 18 months. Companies will have to pay the charge at the prevailing market rate for the extended period, which would be for

Office space 
Personal Computers 
Internet connection 
Electricity charges including airconditioning 
Any other facility as may be provided at that time 
If a company is provided with specialised capital equipment, rent on the same will be decided on a casebycase basis. This would, however be finalised prior to approval of a proposal for admission to GEUTBI or at the time of procurement of the equipment as the case may be.

Exit (Graduation)

Incubatee companies will leave the incubator under any one or more of the following circumstances 
Raising substantial investment from angel investor / Venture Capital Fund / any other investor.

Completion of stay for eighteen months, unless the stay is extended by GEUTBI. 

Underperformance or unviability of the business proposition: criteria for the same will be decided and applied by GEUTBI on the case to case basis. 

Irresolvable disputes between promoters/ founders. GEUTBI will decide the position or point when disputes are deemed to be irresolvable. 

When the number of employees of the company exceeds 20. 
When the annual revenues of the company exceeds to a certain amount. 
When the company enters in an acquisition, merger or amalgamation deal or reorganization deal resulting substantially a change in the profile of the company, its promoters, directors, shareholders, products or business plans, or when a company plans for a public issue. 
Change in promoters'/ founders' team without concurrence of GEUTBI. 

Any other reasons which GEUTBI may find it necessary for an incubatee company to leave GEUTBI. 

When the company enters in an acquisition, merger or amalgamation deal or reorganization deal resulting substantially a change in the profile of the company, its promoters, directors, shareholders, products or business plans, or when a company plans for a public issue. 

Conflicts of interest and confidentiality of information
When a person plays two separate roles in two different positions and he/ she uses one position for his/ her personal benefit in the other role, a situation leading to conflict of interest arises. GEU TBI endeavors to draw a line between appropriate and inappropriate interactions among its board members, employees, mentors, consultants, affiliates, incubatee companies, their employees, persons connected to them or their promoters, employees and staff, various service providers and suppliers. Conflicts between private interests and official responsibilities of all stakeholders must be handled in a transparent manner, and GEU TBI considers the full voluntary disclosure as the best mechanism for managing conflicts of interest. This policy also deals with maintenance of confidentiality of proprietary information. A committee may be set up by GEUTBI to resolve any dispute over such situation causing conflicts of interests.